Outstanding Customer Service





This month’s customer service recognition goes to the McDonald Bros. Collision.

A man and his wife were saving every penny for a down payment on a house. After too close of a call with a curb, he was devastated when he saw part of his car hanging. He thought it was going to cause him to dig into their down payment savings. He was close to McDonald Bros. Collision so he popped in. After taking a few moments to re-attach the part, replace the nuts that were missing, and making it look better than it did to begin with, the customer asked how much he owed. The answer? Nothing. The customer was extremely pleased and wanted to make sure others knew of how great the owners of McDonald Bros. Collision are.

Congratulations to McDonald Bros. Collision!



This month’s customer service recognition goes to the The Drug Store/Northern Exposure.

A customer shared her experience with us. She asked to have some framing done for a gift. When she told them that she wanted it within a week, they said it usually takes two weeks. She said that would be ok. Tracy from Northern Exposure could have allowed it to take the usual two weeks, but instead got on the phone with her supplier and asked to add the product to the most recent order she had placed. She was successful, and contacted the customer five days later with news that the pictures were ready. The customer said she was very pleased with the initiative, the final product and the value for the price paid.

Congratulations to The Drug Store/Northern Exposure!


This month’s customer service recognition goes to the City of Alpena – Public Safety. We received the following letter: “I am one of the night charge nurses in the emergency room in Alpena and wanted to take the time to send an extra thank you to some of the paramedics. We were short staffed one evening when they brought in a patient who became combative with staff. One paramedic stood outside the room where myself and two other staff members were struggling with the patient. He asked if we needed help. Without hesitation, he grabbed gloves and assisted us in patient care. This is not the first time that he, and other AFD paramedics have gone above and beyond and jumped in to helped the ER staff. All of the paramedics demonstrate such comradery and teamwork with the ER nursing staff and it is greatly appreciated.”

Congratulations to the paramedics of the City of Alpena!


This month’s customer service recognition goes to the Goodrich Paving & Asphalt. A customer of Goodrich Paving shared their appreciation with us regarding the plowing Goodrich does at their office. The customer stated, “I’m really appreciative of whoever from Goodrich plows our parking lot. They do such a nice job getting close to the door – much less snow to shovel by hand! It makes a big difference to us when we are trying to get the office opened for the day when we don’t have as much shoveling to do.”

Congratulations to Goodrich Paving for their exceptional customer service!

If you experience exceptional customer service let us know so we can recognize that business or organization and enter them for our annual Outstanding Customer Service Award. Email your story to info@alpenachamber.com or send us a message via Facebook.