Outstanding Customer Service




This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Downtown Union 76. They received this well deserved note from a happy customer, who also shared it with us.

“You’re absolutely the very best! You and your staff have provided the most compassionate and professional service that I have encountered in my 53 years in the Alpena area. The patience, experience problem solving, along with pride is always evident in your service. A-1 work of this type is due to a fantastic leader that promotes and instills nothing less from a very responsive and caring staff!”




This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Wolverine State Credit Union. We received this email from one of their very happy members.

“I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Wolverine State Credit Union for guiding and helping me through the process of purchasing a new truck. I’m working in Missouri and wasn’t sure how to go about doing all the paperwork involved. With their help and guidance, I am now the proud owner of a 2021 pickup. They made everything so easy. I was expecting it to be a stressful situation and it wasn’t. They should be proud of what they do. It’s nice knowing that I can depend on my area credit union and it’s workers for any and all questions and concerns I have while working away from home.”

Congratulations to Wolverine State Credit Union and their team!!



This month’s outstanding customer goes to our area Restaurant Members! We salute you in all that you have done to keep moving forward as restrictions and orders keep changing. Thank you for taking the time to find ways to still serve our community.



This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union. One of their members email us about how happy they are to be a member of theirs.

“Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union has been an incredible help to my husband and myself over the past 10 years. We are working towards being debt free in the next five years and we think it is possible because of the help they initially gave us and because of the help and service they continue to provide year after year, and always with such a wonderful attitude. They truly keep things simple, easy and light. We’ve never felt embarrassed or wrong in any way when talking to them about our debt or spending. They have only ever been helpful and so kind.”

Congratulations to the Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union team!!



This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Century 21 Northland Alpena. Some of their clients let us know how great they are to work with.

“They did an excellent job with selling and promoting our house. They are very knowledgeable in the real estate business.”

“They have exceptional agents. They go beyond the call of duty to get things done promptly. They stayed in contact with us throughout the entire process and acknowledged any questions we had. We will have them represent us in all of our real estate needs and we do recommend them. Thank you for everything you did to make this a smooth transaction.”

“We were first time homebuyers and weren’t too familiar with the area. They gave recommendations for the home inspector, offer tactics (escalation clause), and even looked into the utility situation to make sure we’d have internet at the rural house location, garbage service, and that the power wouldn’t get shut off after we closed (we didn’t even think of this). They were super on top of everything & professional.”

Congratulations to the Century 21 Northland Alpena team!!



This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Star Staffing Alpena. We received this letter from a very happy client. 

“I just wanted to relay that I’ve had a truly exceptional experience with Pam and the crew at Star Staffing in Alpena. They been so attentive to our needs and are very quick in their work. We’ve been able to hire several very skilled staff members over the years and feel very lucky. I do like their screening process. To say they make my job easier is an understatement!”

Congratulations to the Star Staffing Alpena crew!!


This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Alpena Buick GMC. We recently heard from a happy customer. 

“My experience with Alpena Buick went so smoothly and professionally. Every detail was explained to me. I was treated like a valued customer. I wasn’t so sure about trading a Cadillac for a Buick but I’m sure glad I did. I left the dealership extremely satisfied and very happy.”

Congratulations to Alpena Buick GMC!!



This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Alpena Veterinary Clinic. We received this letter from a happy client.
“As a relatively new sheep farmer, situations come up that I simply can’t figure out. About a month ago, one of my ewes had twins. Within a few short days, they were unresponsive – unable to eat or even pick up their heads. I called Alpena Veterinary Clinic and they stayed late to evaluate them and give them some TLC. By morning, they were eating and walking around. Unfortunately, the trauma seemed to take it’s toll on one lamb; by the end of the week he stopped walking. On another call to the clinic for help, and a conversation with the doctor, one lamb was given additional medication for muscle development. Each doctor took time to get the facts surrounding my concerns. They didn’t “write off” the new born lamb’s chance of survival, but rather tried every avenue to make them healthy. Today, my lambs are working hard to stay healthy. They are happy to graze in the barnyard and continue to grow. They all were amazing to work with.”
Congratulations to Alpena Veterinary Clinic!



This month’s outstanding customer service goes to H.P.C Credit Union. We received a call from one of their members who relayed the following:
“The people working the drive through are always so pleasant, they really go above and beyond to make sure my transactions are right every time.”
Congratulations to H.P.C. Credit Union!




This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Wolverine State Credit Union. We received this message from a very happy member.

“Just wanted to share how helpful they are in their customer service division. There were some forms that were very confusing and they walked me through them and even offered to call and help me complete them. I appreciate their staff going the extra mile!!”

Congratulations to Wolverine State Credit Union!



This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Larry’s Collision and Truck Stuff. We received this note from one of their very happy customers.

“I would like to nominate Larry’s Collision and Truck Stuff for the Outstanding Customer Service Award. I have been taking my vehicles to them when the unfortunate deer strike and I have never been disappointed. They do quality work and are very friendly. They even set me up with a loaner car to ensure that my experience is as convenient as possible.”

Congratulations to the team at Larry’s Collision!



If you experience exceptional customer service like these happy customers did, let us know and we will recognize that business and enter them into the running for our annual Outstanding Customer Service of the Year Award.