Outstanding Customer Service




This month’s outstanding customer service goes to ServiceMaster Home & Office. We received this story from a very happy customer!

“We took my daughter’s car to ServiceMaster to have them clean the seats and carpeting as her dog has had some issues and urinated all over the inside of her car. As you can imagine the smell was awful and felt like an impossible job to remove that urine smell, almost felt like the car was junk now. We tried Service Master and now it smells like its brand new. We didn’t even think that this was gonna work. This mom could cry happy tears. Thank you ServiceMaster for taking the time to clean the car and do an amazing job!!”

Congratulations ServiceMaster!



This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Star Staffing Alpena. We received this letter from a very grateful client.

“I wanted to write a letter to you in regard to Star Staffing Alpena’s efforts in finding me employment. I was laid off from my job and was unable to find employment. I had researched multiple employers in several different career fields utilizing online job searches and websites including my local resources. After several months of fruitless searches and interviews, I contacted Star Staffing for help. They had asked me for a resume, queried me on my skills and experience, and within ONE WEEK had found me a job to apply at. Not only have I been hired by this employer, but this has turned out to be an excellent place to work where I am happy and feel like I contribute to society and help people. I admit I was reluctant to use the services they offer from what rumors or gossip I had heard, as only desperate people use their services or only place people in low paying jobs. I have found this to be grossly untrue and contrary to the facts. I am employed by a good company that is locally owned and operated, takes care of its employees, and pays a decent wage. I feel like I can make a career in this field and I have them to thank for it. More effort needs to go into recognizing what their company does and how large an asset it is and could be to the community.”

Congratulations to the Star Staffing Alpena Team!




This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Downtown Union 76. They received this well deserved note from a happy customer, who also shared it with us.

“You’re absolutely the very best! You and your staff have provided the most compassionate and professional service that I have encountered in my 53 years in the Alpena area. The patience, experience problem solving, along with pride is always evident in your service. A-1 work of this type is due to a fantastic leader that promotes and instills nothing less from a very responsive and caring staff!”




This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Wolverine State Credit Union. We received this email from one of their very happy members.

“I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Wolverine State Credit Union for guiding and helping me through the process of purchasing a new truck. I’m working in Missouri and wasn’t sure how to go about doing all the paperwork involved. With their help and guidance, I am now the proud owner of a 2021 pickup. They made everything so easy. I was expecting it to be a stressful situation and it wasn’t. They should be proud of what they do. It’s nice knowing that I can depend on my area credit union and it’s workers for any and all questions and concerns I have while working away from home.”

Congratulations to Wolverine State Credit Union and their team!!


If you experience exceptional customer service like these happy customers did, let us know and we will recognize that business and enter them into the running for our annual Outstanding Customer Service of the Year Award.