Outstanding Customer Service



This month’s outstanding customer service goes to the Huron Dental. We received an email from a very grateful patient.

“The entire team at Huron Dental – dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, and office staff – have been nothing but kind, efficient, proactive, and friendly every time my husband and I have received services or reached out to them. I required a more complex procedure this fall; the staff went above and beyond to have the procedure performed in their office, rather than have me referred out of the area. They also made adjustments to help me plan it around my wedding reception – all with extremely fast and friendly communications. The office staff always has accurate answers to my questions even before I can ask them. I never thought I’d actually enjoy going to the dentist, but Huron Dental’s team is the epitome of exemplary service! Thank you to the doctors and every other employee at Huron Dental!”

Congratulations to the entire staff at Huron Dental!


This month’s outstanding customer service goes to the Wilson’s Lasting Expressions Flower Shop. We received this story from a very appreciative customer.

“A few weeks ago we had to leave for a cousin’s funeral. I had been so upset, I had forgotten to order flowers. We were already running late, but I stopped in to Wilson’s Lasting Expressions and the staff there dropped “everything” and put together a lovely arrangement which even incorporated small wind chimes. We were able to take the arrangement down with us! I am so amazed and grateful, and the arrangement received many compliments. I promise I will try not to be so “last minute” again, but Lasting Expressions did an outstanding job.”

Congratulations to staff at Wilson’s Lasting Expressions Flower Shop!


This month’s outstanding customer service goes to the Alpena Community Credit Union. We received this story from a grateful member.

“I would like to nominate Alpena Community Credit Union for a customer service award. On a Friday evening at about 9:00 p.m. my son discovered that the debit account that his ATM card is connected to had been hacked and several hundred dollars had been stolen from his account. This happened while he was on vacation in Japan. Since he lives in China, I sent a message to one of the ACCU employees and within 15 minutes, she had everything taken care of with the assurance that the money would be back in his account by this morning. I am so impressed by this amazing customer service on a weekend night that I wanted to thank them with this nomination for exceptional care for their customers!”

Congratulations to the team at Alpena Community Credit Union!


This month’s outstanding customer service goes to the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. They shared this feedback with us that they received from their recent film festival.

“Your whole film fest gave us lots of wind in our sails and we’re so grateful for the whole staff’s hospitality and kindness welcoming us to Alpena. “

Congratulations to the entire staff at the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary!


This month’s outstanding customer service goes to the Rosa’s Lookout Inn. We received this story via Facebook Messenger from a very happy customer.

“They never disappoint!!! We have our annual awards dinner there for our agents every year and they are always so accommodating with any special requests. This year, very last minute, I requested my favorite entrée to be added to our menu. Even though the person who had the secret recipe was on maternity leave, they went in and had made it for us. And it was a hit!! The service was fantastic and we will be back next year again!”

Congratulations to the team at Rosa’s Lookout Inn!


This month’s outstanding customer service goes to the Downtown Union 76. We received this story from a new and very happy customer.

“After having trouble getting my tires patched correctly at another shop I went to Downtown Union 76. Not only did they get me in that day but they went above and beyond. They repaired my bad tire, check the other three and found another small leak, which they fixed as well. I will definitely be going back there from now on for all my vehicle repairs!”

Congratulations to the team at Downtown Union 76!














If you experience exceptional customer service like these happy customers did, let us know and we will recognize that business and enter them into the running for our annual Outstanding Customer Service of the Year Award.