Outstanding Customer Service




This month’s customer service recognition goes to Alpena Agency. We received the following letter from a very satisfied client.

“I am writing this letter to let you know how much we appreciated the work of Alpena Agency after our daughter was in a car accident. We were very blessed that no one was hurt but her car was totaled. The work they did to make sure we got the appraisal back in a quick time and receiving the check for the value of the car was excellent, and our daughter was able to find a car to use to get to college and work. Alpena Agency staff was very helpful on texting and calling us with information that was needed. Again, a BIG thank you on the outstanding customer service and professionalism.”

Congratulations, Alpena Agency for your outstanding customer service!


This month’s customer service recognition goes to The Fletcher Street Depot. We received the following note from a very happy bride.

“I had my wedding at the Fletcher Street Depot and the staff there went above and beyond to make sure our wedding day and all of the details were perfect! The venue looked absolutely gorgeous, and I am so happy we picked this place for our wedding!”

Congratulations, The Fletcher Street Depot for your outstanding customer service!


This month’s customer service goes to the City of Alpena Public Works Department. We received the following story from a city resident:

“We had just returned from Florida to a four day snow storm and I needed to get out to the store. My husband was recouping from an injury, so I was on my own to get out of the driveway. We live in the City of Alpena. A snowplow had just gone by and a lot of snow was dumped in my driveway. I tried to go really fast backward over the snow, but that didn’t work too well. As I am pondering what to do the snowplow came back down the other side of the street to finish the job, and what did the busy employee do? He stopped his big plow, got out and helped me out of the snowbank. He even gave me a lesson on how it might succeed better next time. Now that is customer service at its finest! Thank you to this very caring City employee!”

Congratulations, the City of Alpena Public Works Department for your outstanding customer service!


This month’s customer service goes to the Home Depot. We received a letter from a very grateful customer:

“I received a call from the Pro Department at the Alpena Home Depot. They had gotten my name from Habitat for Humanity and asked if there was a veteran that needed some home repairs, I said yes that I was in need of a new roof as my wife and I live on a fixed income. They then requested a grant from the headquarters in Atlanta, GA for a new roof on my home and it was completed in November of 2018. I sure hope you can recognize their efforts and the Alpena store for some type of award.”

Congratulations, the Home Depot for your outstanding customer service!


This month’s customer service goes to McDonald Bros. Collision. We received the following note in an email from a grateful customer.

“Recently, while exiting a private parking lot after dark, my vehicle slid on hidden ice and the score was Light Pole-1, Car-0. It was the Sunday before Christmas. The next day, I drove it to McDonald Bros. Collision. Richard suggested that the day after Christmas, I bring the car in and he could patch it up enough to drive it until my insurance company made their decision. Going home, I thought about it, and realized that this is a place that does a service and with no fuss or fanfare. They have little old ladies like me and many others who have to get their vehicles roadworthy no matter the issue that occurred. They are always courteous, reasonable, and can be counted on. These things mean a lot to me.”

Congratulations, McDonald Bros. Collision for your outstanding customer service!


This month’s customer service goes to The Fresh Palate. 

Staff here at the Chamber experienced great customer service from the Fresh Palate this past winter. We called on a Monday to place a lunch order not realizing that they were closed that day. Eric happened to be there, offered to make our order and deliver it! 

Way to go Fresh Palate for your outstanding customer service!


This month’s recognition goes to Thunder Bay Therapy & Sports Medicine and Propane Plus.

A patient of Thunder Bay Therapy sent to us a copy of the note they sent to Thunder Bay Therapy – “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your unfailing support during almost five months of physical therapy through my two surgeries. I appreciate your welcoming front desk, as well as the consideration for scheduling convenient appointments for physical therapy. Kudos for the professionalism and genuine concern of my physical therapists who guided me and thanks to others who often checked on me! There is no doubt that my decision to select Thunder Bay Therapy was the best one!”

We received this note about Propane Plus – “Propane Plus staff went out to my parents’ house to check their propane tank for the keep full program. My parents were out of town and their ½ mile long driveway was not plowed after the recent winter storms. The driver was only able to get part of the way up their driveway before the snow became too deep to continue. He then walked the rest of the way up their driveway through snow drifts waist deep. He got to the house and the tank was empty and the furnace had gone out. They called my father right away. My father was able to get someone to plow the driveway and Propane Plus was able to fill the propane tank. Then they had my father walk him through how to get in the house and restart the furnace. We don’t know how long the furnace was off but their actions hopefully will save my parents expensive repairs from frozen pipes. I’m sure this was way beyond the scope of their job. This is an excellent example of outstanding customer service. Propane Plus deserves the recognition of outstanding service!”


This month’s recognition goes to McDonald Bros. Collision and AAA of Michigan.

A customer of McDonald Bros. Collision sent us a copy of the note they recently sent to them. “I can’t thank you guys enough for the repair advice and execution on my silver Subaru Outback. From the beginning you both have been nothing but professionals. On time, accurate predictions on project completion, lender car availability, and, best of all, quality of work make any future body work decisions a no-brainer – it will be heading your way. With the nature of the hit-and-run accident, police investigation, etc. I’m thrilled to be able to conclude this nightmare with an excellent experience with you guys. I’m looking forward to recommending your services far and wide.”

We received a phone call about AAA of Michigan. A woman called to say how great of an experience she had recently at the local office. She went on to explain how they were very helpful, kind and nice to deal with. She was thrilled to receive that level of service in a time when good customer service is hard to find, let alone exceptional!

If you experience exceptional customer service, let us know so we can recognize that business
and enter them for our annual Outstanding Customer Service Award.