Outstanding Customer Service




This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Downtown Union 76. We received this message from a grateful customer:

“My car alerted me that one or more of my tires had low pressure. Since I am on the road every day for my job, and have had several flat tires this can be stressful. I do not know how to put air in my tires and rely on my husband to do it for me. Yesterday he was out of town and I needed to drive to Rogers City. I tried several businesses, and either they didn’t have someone to do it or they wouldn’t do it because of liability. I was willing to pay someone to do it. Then someone recommended I go to the Downtown Union 76 station in town. I have to honestly say I have never been there before, and didn’t know exactly what they did as far as car repairs. I figured it was worth a try. I was met by the owner with a smile. Not once did I feel like I was bothering him. He told me to pull right up and he checked all tires and filled the ones needing air and I was happily on my way in minutes! Some businesses would not want to be bothered to do something that seemed so simple, but this was not the case. He was so friendly, and I think he deserves to be in the running for the Customer Service Award. Thank you, it really is the small things that mean a lot!”




This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Joel’s Guitar Shop. We received this message from a very happy customer:

“We were getting ready for my daughter’s violin concert when one of her strings broke. What were we going to do? On a whim I messaged Joel’s Guitar Shop to plead with someone to help us. It’s Sunday, three days before Christmas and they came into town to meet us at the shop and get us a new string. I couldn’t have felt more grateful and humbled. They went on to tell us that they will provide this kind of service whenever they can. They were friendly and helpful. I will definitely be going back here.”



This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Thunder Bay Resort. Here is what one guest had to say about his experience.

“The elk viewing ride is amazing! The meal was wonderful and the guided wagon ride was beautiful. It was a rainy, snowy day but the covered wagon and blankets made it still enjoyable. Our guide was friendly and shared many years of knowledge of the elk herds, natural resources, and tourism in northeast Michigan. The sleigh bells on the horses in the snow made it seem like a postcard! I would highly recommend this winter adventure!”



Usually we recognize someone for outstanding customer service. This month instead we thought we would recognize all those who are still going to work every day to keep our country safe, fed, clean, and taken care of. We appreciate each and everyone of you and the work that you do. Stay strong Northeast Michigan we will get through this.


This month’s outstanding customer service goes to AJ’s Auto Service & Repair Shop. Here is what we heard from one very happy customer.

“I had work done on my car in another town the end of October 2019. To my despair, the same problem was recurring in January of 2020. I will not share the long story of frustration, but would love to share the story of my problem resolution. The shop in the other town was a NAPA care shop and Gary at the NAPA here in Alpena was instrumental in helping me out! He spent time discussing NAPA warranty policies with me, and printed pictures of a few parts possibly in question. On to AJ’s Auto, a NAPA care center here in Alpena, where both Jay and Debbie treated me with respect and took excellant care of me. My car was fixed with a new part at no cost to me. I have dealt with many auto shops over the years, and this one is top notch in my book. Thank you for your excellent customer service, AJ’s and NAPA!”



This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Omega Electric & Sign Company. One customer let us know how satisfied they were with their sign order.

“They were so accommodating when we were trying to get a new sign printed. Even after changing the design in the middle of the project. They stepped right up and got it done in no time, just the way we wanted it. Thank you!”



This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Star Staffing Alpena. One of their clients let us know what a great experience they had with them.

“I was recently in need of an employee for a permanent office position and contacted Star Staffing Alpena for applicants. I have used their services in the past and have had good results. After a few days, I received an applicant’s name for the position. However, they knew I had also been looking for someone for another position some time ago and forwarded an applicant’s name for that position in case I was still looking for someone. They were able to answer questions I had concerning the applicant from her background checking and after our own interviews and research, we ended up hiring that person. We were very thankful that she remembered us and we were able to have a happy ending. I recommend Star Staffing to any business who is looking for a permanent or temporary employee.”




This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Myer’s Fashions. We heard from a very happy customer about her experience.

“Myer’s Fashions is fabulous! I legit hate to shop! The minute I walked in the store, they greeted me, asked me what they could help me with and like a fairy Godmother they magically found clothes for me. No lie, I was in and out of the store in less than 15 minutes! Capris, beautiful flowy jacket and a necklace to bring it all together! That includes trying the clothes on and paying for them. I felt like I was on Rodeo Drive with my own personal shopper who wanted me to be happy and look good! Thank you so much, you really made it painless for this non-shopper!”



This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Massage Works Natural Health Center. We received this note from a very happy first time client.

“This was my first time to have a massage at Massage Works Natural Health Center. The rooms were warm, clean and decorated in a relaxed way to make it a comfortable setting. They took the time to understand my problem areas and spent the most time getting those muscle groups moving freely without neglecting other areas. They used enough pressure to get the muscles loosened up without causing pain. Excellent experience and I look forward to future treatments.”



This month’s outstanding customer service goes to Alpena Agency. We received this message from one of their loyal customers.

“I would like to give a shout out to Alpena Agency, they have been my agency for many years. No matter how big or small my concern is, they’re always an email or phone call away. They respond very fast and help me from beginning to end of any claim or insurance need I may have had over the years. They are not just an insurance agency, they care about their customers. Everyone at Alpena Agency steps in and helps you out. They seem to work well together as a team. “

Congratulations Alpena Agency!

If you experience exceptional customer service like these happy customers did, let us know and we will recognize that business and enter them into the running for our annual Outstanding Customer Service of the Year Award.