Outstanding Customer Service




This month’s customer service recognition goes to Alpena Agency. We received the following letter from a very satisfied client.

“I am writing this letter to let you know how much we appreciated the work of Alpena Agency after our daughter was in a car accident. We were very blessed that no one was hurt but her car was totaled. The work they did to make sure we got the appraisal back in a quick time and receiving the check for the value of the car was excellent, and our daughter was able to find a car to use to get to college and work. Alpena Agency staff was very helpful on texting and calling us with information that was needed. Again, a BIG thank you on the outstanding customer service and professionalism.”

Congratulations, Alpena Agency for your outstanding customer service!


This month’s customer service recognition goes to The Fletcher Street Depot. We received the following note from a very happy bride.

“I had my wedding at the Fletcher Street Depot and the staff there went above and beyond to make sure our wedding day and all of the details were perfect! The venue looked absolutely gorgeous, and I am so happy we picked this place for our wedding!”

Congratulations, The Fletcher Street Depot for your outstanding customer service!


This month’s customer service goes to the City of Alpena Public Works Department. We received the following story from a city resident:

“We had just returned from Florida to a four day snow storm and I needed to get out to the store. My husband was recouping from an injury, so I was on my own to get out of the driveway. We live in the City of Alpena. A snowplow had just gone by and a lot of snow was dumped in my driveway. I tried to go really fast backward over the snow, but that didn’t work too well. As I am pondering what to do the snowplow came back down the other side of the street to finish the job, and what did the busy employee do? He stopped his big plow, got out and helped me out of the snowbank. He even gave me a lesson on how it might succeed better next time. Now that is customer service at its finest! Thank you to this very caring City employee!”

Congratulations, the City of Alpena Public Works Department for your outstanding customer service!