Chamber FAQs

What is a chamber of commerce?
A chamber of commerce is a 501(c)6 private business organization that works to promote business in the area it represents. View this link for a more detailed description.

What does the chamber do?
Although chambers of commerce have a similar goal of serving as a voice and force that supports the local business environment, no two chambers are the same. Read What Does A Chamber Do to better understand what our chamber does.

How is a chamber of commerce funded?
Chambers are funded through two sources: membership dues and non-dues revenue. Businesses and other organizations make an investment to be a member of a chamber, therefore receiving the benefits and supporting the chamber mission.

Are chamber dues tax deductible?
A portion of chamber dues are tax deductible as a regular business expense.

Are chambers limited geographically?
No, chambers are not limited to a specific geographic region. Businesses can join any chamber of commerce they choose to support.

What is the difference between a local, state and the U.S. Chamber?
View this link for a great explanation of the differences.

Does a chamber of commerce promote tourism?
All chambers approach tourism differently. Because the Alpena Area has a Convention and Visitors Bureau (, the chamber takes a behind-the-scenes approach to tourism. The Alpena Chamber supports tourism as an important economic activity for many of their members. The Alpena Chamber works legislatively to encourage funding for tourism programs like the very successful Pure Michigan Campaign. The Alpena Chamber also helps tourists when they are in the area find what they are looking for.

What type of organizations make up the membership of the Alpena Chamber?
The Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce has a variety of members. The majority are for-profit businesses. There are also several non-profit organizations that belong to the Chamber, as well as some governmental units, like the City of Alpena. All members join for different reasons but the majority of business join for the non-tangible reasons such as legislative efforts and community support and promotion (as indicated on the 2009 member satisfaction survey).

Can employees of non-member organizations or individuals not currently employed attend chamber events?
Most Alpena Chamber events are open to the general public and employees of non-member organizations. However, there is usually a higher cost or less benefits associated with those individuals who are not employed by members of the Chamber. All employees of all Chamber members are considered eligible for benefits/discounts/etc.

Does the Chamber of Commerce act as a Better Business Bureau?
Although the Chamber tries to help businesses in any way we can, we are not the area’s Better Business Bureau. To contact the BBB that covers NE Michigan, call 248.223.9400.