Events and Programs

Understanding Your Chamber Events

What is Alpenopoly all about? Do you know what a Good Morning Alpena breakfast is? Have you ever wondered what goes on at a New Member Welcome Event? Here are a few short explanations to give you a better idea of what Chamber events and programs are all about.

Annual Dinner

Premier networking event attended by several hundred each year. Held in February to celebrate our business community. A variety of awards and recognitions are handed out annually.

Bolenz Jewelry Holiday Parade

This annual parade is sponsored by Bolenz Jewelry and the Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce. It is held every year on the day after Thanksgiving at 5:30p.m. The parade begins at the Annex building parking lot at the corner of Chisholm and Ninth Street. The parade route begins by turning left onto Chisholm, left onto Second Avenue, right onto Water Street, and ends in the parking lot behind City Hall. No early departures from the route. Registration forms for this parade will be available mid-October.

Educational Attainment and Workforce Development

By focusing on educational attainment and workforce development, the Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce seeks to advance the success of our entire region by connecting the next generation of workforce with skills, knowledge, and opportunities that will lead them proactively into the future. Click here for more information on this program.

Educational Events

The Chamber hosts a wide variety of educational events throughout the year. Please check the home page for a complete list or contact the Chamber.

Good Morning Alpena Breakfast

Always at 7 a.m. GMA’s are a great opportunity to learn a lot of  information in a short amount of time. The morning comes complete with a hot breakfast, a full program, and the opportunity for networking. GMA's are held six times her year, January, March, May, July, September and November. Dates will be listed on our home page.

Grub Crawl

The Chamber hosts this annual living, real-time, life-sized, monopoly-styled game! Alpenopoly (al-pen-’nä-p(ə-)lē) will combine the best of board game action within a Grub Crawl atmosphere. 


Leadercast is the world’s largest one-day leadership conference, broadcast LIVE from Atlanta, Georgia and simulcast to hundreds of locations around the world. Leadercast is focused on building Leaders Worth Following. Leadership is not reserved for those with a ‘C’ in their title. We need better leaders in our communities, businesses, organizations, and in homes across the world. Leadercast exists to serve individuals and organizations across all sectors who want to become intentional about raising their standard of leadership.

Military Support Committee Receptions

The Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center is an important asset to the community. In an effort to encourage the units to return to Alpena for future trainings and return to the community to visit with their families, the military support committee holds receptions for several units throughout the spring, summer and fall. These events are a great way to share your business with the units, thank them for their service, and invite them back to Alpena.

New Member Welcome Event

These events take place once or twice a year and are an opportunity for new members to meet members of the Chamber Board of Directors and Ambassadors, hear from current members why they belong to the Chamber, and share and network with other new members.

Open House Assistance Program

We have resources available that, when added to your own resources and ideas, will help you have a successful open house event. The resources we have are simply tools that are available to make it easier for you to realize success for your event. We offer two options. The first option is a free option included with any membership. The second option is an added cost and includes added assistance from our staff. We encourage you to use these resources to supplement what you are already planning for your event.

Red, White & Blue Review

The purpose of this event is to show our appreciation for the men and women serving our country, as well as to raise funds for our military support committee’s efforts. The event will be held every other year.

Shredder Day: Destroy and Dispose

In partnership with Michigan Confidential Document Destruction the annual shredder day allows our members to destroy unused documents professionally and legally. Held in October.


Chamber Member Referral

Earn credit toward your membership investment plus ensure the stability and future of the Chamber. For details on how this Members Referral Program works, or to view helpful information about the Chamber that you can utilize when participating in this program, view this link.

Electronic Member Decal

Several members requested to not only have a window decal to show their membership, but to also have a website “decal” to demonstrate to their customers their membership with the Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce. Use this decal to show all visitors to your website that you participate in the good business practice of belonging to your local chamber of commerce. If you wish to link the “decal” to the chamber’s website please use